What Happened to Gwen Yeargain, Hank Williams Jr. First Wife?

Williams Jr. made his television debut at the age of 14 in 1964, when he sang many songs associated with his father on “The Jimmy Dean Show.” It was the start of his career, and he has done well since then.

Hank Williams Jr., on the other hand, has not had the same luck with love. He’s been married three times, the first time to Gwen Yeargain.

Gwen Yeargain met Hank Williams Jr. in what way?

Gwen Yeargain and Hank Williams Jr. began dating in 1970, when he was about 21 years old. They had a whirlwind courtship that lasted about a year before deciding to marry. The couple married in 1971, and their son Shelton was born on December 12, 1972, about a year later.

They were married for about six years before divorcing. When it happened, their son was five years old. The reason for their breakup is unknown, but there have been numerous theories.

One explanation is that Williams Jr. does not want to settle down at such a young age. However, it is only speculation because the couple has refused to reveal the true reason publicly.

Gwen Yeargain’s Ex-Husband Remarried Right After Their Divorce

Hank Williams Jr. resembles his father in many ways. He not only sings and looks like him, but he has had similar experiences with women in his life.

He, like Hank Williams, married multiple times. He remarried the same year his father did after his first marriage to Yeargain ended.

In 1977, Hank Williams Jr. remarried. Becky White was his second wife, and like Yeargain, their marriage lasted only a few years before dissolving.In 1983, the talented musician divorced his second wife after six years.

Hank Williams Jr. wed a third time.

Hank Williams Jr. remarried several years after his second marriage ended. He avoided marriages for seven years after Becky White, until he met Mary Jane.

He met Mary Jane, a model, at a concert in 1985. The singer had been divorced from his second wife for years at this point, and he was not eager to marry for the third time.

They had been dating for five years before Williams Jr. proposed. Their marriage began in 1990 and lasted for many years.

Mary Jane appeared to be Williams Jr.’s permanent wife. Tragedy, however, struck the couple in March 2022. Mary Jane died in an accident, which was ruled an accident.

The cause of death was determined to be a collapsed lung sustained during an elective cosmetic surgery she was undergoing. According to reports, Jane desired liposuction and the removal of her breast implants.

Jane desired a breast lift at Bafitis Plastic Surgery in Jupiter, Florida.As a result, she underwent surgery. She appeared to be fine after the surgery and was moved to recovery. On March 22, however, she stopped responding and was taken to Jupiter Medical Centre, where she was pronounced dead.

Despite her ties to Hank Williams Jr., Gwen Yeargain maintains her privacy.Her only claim to fame was her marriage to Williams Jr. After it was over, Williams Jr. went on to greatness, while Yeargain faded into obscurity.

When Yeargain’s name is mentioned nowadays, it is usually in relation to her ex-husband and their child, Shelton Hank Williams. Many believe the lovely lady would prefer it that way.

Shelton, her son, is carrying on his family’s musical legacy. He never mentions his mother, but there is no ill will between them.Shelton is one of those celebrities who was born to famous parents, so all eyes are on him to see how he does in his career.

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